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Which Industries Are Stainless Steel Cable Ties Mainly Used In?

Ⅰ. Understanding stainless steel cable ties

Cable ties are very familiar to many of us, but in many people's minds, cable ties are just a structure and knotting method made of plastic with a very strong binding effect. Stainless steel cable tie is a kind of belt used for binding cables and other items, and is widely used in shipbuilding, communication, automobile, power generation and other industries. In daily life, it can also be used for furniture, pipe fixing, wire binding, etc. It is much stronger and safer than plastic cable ties.

Ⅱ. The application advantages of stainless steel cable ties in various industries

It is widely used in power engineering and its power supply and distribution system. Its advantages are mainly reflected in:

1. The goods with stainless steel cable ties are not limited by the appearance and specifications of the binding objects;

2. The simple buckle structure simplifies the diversity of traditional hoops;

3. Excellent tightening characteristics ensure the safety of the binding objects;

4. Stainless steel cable ties are made of anti-corrosion and heat-resistant materials to ensure a beautiful environment and meet fire safety requirements.

Stainless steel cable ties are widely used in all walks of life,such as aviation zip ties, with excellent performance in industrial cables, industrial pipes, industrial signs, industrial cooling towers, etc.

1. Various raw materials of stainless steel cable ties to ensure special requirements for industrial anti-corrosion and fire safety;

2. High toughness tightening characteristics to ensure safe industrial production;

3. The simple installation method is convenient for industrial installation, improves work efficiency, and ensures the resolution of emergencies.

4. Stainless steel cable ties are fire-resistant, safe and anti-corrosion coating to ensure the safety of industrial cables. Thanks to the efforts of the stainless steel cable tie factory,it has made contributions to promoting production safety and protecting the ecological environment.

The tightening of indoor and outdoor communication optical cables is widely used:

1. The stainless steel cable tie has excellent tightening performance, which ensures the safety of the communication optical cable;

2. Different stainless steel cable ties are buried in the thermal deformation of the indoor space to ensure reliable tightening and ensure that the surface is not scratched;

3. Design schemes of different patented surface fireproof materials to ensure the fireproof safety and safety factor of cables.

Stainless steel cable ties mainly show strong advantages in the field of pipelines:

1. It can bind pipes of all diameters;

2. Different buckle design schemes, good sealing, to ensure the balance of stress in the whole ring;

3. The spring hanger of prefabricated parts improves the efficiency of pipeline installation;

4. The inventory of pipe spring hangers is reduced, and the spring hangers of prefabricated parts can bind all pipes below their specifications;

5. Efficient pneumatic tools and pneumatic tools, adjustable tensile design scheme, ensure the fastness and tensile reliability of the installation.

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