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What Are the Advantages of Choosing Heat Shrinkable Tubes?

Heat shrinkable tubes can accompany many industrial activities in human society. People always choose products that they hope to meet their needs, especially for the anti-skid pattern heat shrinkable tubes. So why should you choose these? To understand this problem, we can start by learning about the harm caused by not using heat shrinkable tubes leading the label unclear.

Ⅰ. About the heat shrinkable tube

Heat shrinkable tube is a special heat shrinkable tube. Its outer layer is made of high-quality and soft cross-linked polyolefin material while the inner layer is compounded by hot melt adhesive. The outer layer material has the characteristics of insulation, corrosion resistance, wear resistance, etc. The inner layer has the advantages of low melting point, waterproof sealing, high adhesion and so on. The heat shrinkable tube has the functions of shrinkage at high temperature, soft, flame retardant, insulation and anti-corrosion. Heat shrinkable tubes are widely used in insulation protection of various wiring harnesses, solder joints and inductors,  anti-rust and anti-corrosion of metal tubes and rods, etc. Its voltage class is 600V. As the temperature changes from low to high, the polymer material goes through a glass state to a high elastic state. The performance at the glass state is close to that of plastic, while the performance at the high elastic state is close to that of rubber. The material used in the heat shrink insulation tube will be in glass state at room temperature and then will become highly elastic when heated.

Ⅱ. The advantages of choosing heat shrinkable tubes

1. Major security risks: In today's society, power, communication and other lines have long been connected into a huge network. Even in a certain building, these lines are intricately crossed. Once some connections are wrong, it may cause catastrophic damage. So this requires clear and durable identification for system management, and heat shrink tubing can achieve this purpose.

2. Difficulties in daily maintenance: During the regular inspection process, the management personnel often encounter the phenomenon that the logo is lost, defaced, and unable to distinguish the handwriting on the cable tie labels. Even if there is an original record, it will still cause difficulties in inspection because of the inconsistency between the changes of management personnel or users and the original document. While the selection of products such as anti-skid pattern heat shrinkable tubes can come into play and avoid these phenomena.

3. Repeated waste: Every time the cost of inspection and re-marking on the cable is very large and the marks made will again become blurred for various reasons, it should be re-inspected and re-marked after a period of time. Such kind of repetitive work has caused a great waste of time and money. These problems can be effectively avoided by using heat shrinkable tubes.

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