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Nylon Cable Gland-PG

  • nylon cable gland pg 1
  • nylon cable gland pg 2
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  • nylon cable gland pg 1
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  • nylon cable gland pg 3

Cable gland is considered as a seal tool install cable into outdoor electric box, and other electric devices. Engineer open hole in the electric box to attach cable, but the hole left open may bring in the water or dusty and damage the electrical appliances, cable gland can be depart as two gland body and lock nut, install from the inside and outside of hole, seal the hole in the meantime protect cable from edge cut. Another tech standard is cable gland should be IP68 level in GB 4208-2008/IEC 60529-2001, inside insulated ring  and sealing nut as components of seal system, keep the dusty and water.

Applications of Nylon Cable Gland-PG

  • Material of pg cable: NYLON 66 UL Listed, IP68

  • Sealing Nut of pg cable gland: NBR, EPDM

  • Color of pg gland: Black and other color available.

  • Use of pg nylon cable gland: Install from inside and outside of hole, and screw the sealing nut, to seal the hole.

  • Application temperature of pg nylon glands: -40℃-100℃, the item can also endure 120℃ instantly

  • Application of pg plastic cable gland: sealing the electrical box connecter hole, wire install to inside and keep dusty and water out.

Drawings of Nylon Cable Gland-PG

Drawings of Nylon Cable Gland-PGDrawings of Nylon Cable Gland-PG

Technical Specification Of Nylon Cable Gland-PG

HTG-7PG73 - 6.521815
HTG-7.1PG72 - 521815
HTG-9PG94 - 821819
HTG-9.1PG92 - 622819
HTG-11PG115 - 1025822
HTG-11.1PG113 - 725822
HTG-13.5PG13.56 - 1227924
HTG-13.5.1PG13.55 - 927924
HTG-16PG1610 - 14281027
HTG-16.1PG167 - 12281027
HTG-21PG2113 - 18311133
HTG-21.1PG219 - 16311133
HTG-29PG2918 - 25391142
HTG-29.1PG2913 - 20391142
HTG-36PG3622 - 32481353
HTG-36.1PG3620 - 26481353
HTG-42PG4232 - 38491360
HTG-42.1PG4225 - 31491360
HTG-48PG4837 - 44491465
HTG-48.1PG4829 - 35491465
HT-63PG6342 - 54551971

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