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Manufacturing Process and Specifications of Nylon Wire Ties

Ⅰ. Manufacturing process of nylon wire ties

1. Selection of raw materials for nylon wire ties. Generally speaking, the nylon ties we produce are made of nylon as the raw material of nylon ties, because nylon is flame-resistant, has high tensile strength, wear resistance and good electrical insulation.

2. Melt and inject nylon raw materials into semi-finished nylon wire ties. Here we have to use professional injection molding equipment. Of course, if we want to make nylon wire ties, we must first have molds. The quality of nylon wire ties is not only determined by raw materials, but also closely related to the mold and injection molding process. For example, we are in the injection molding process. If the temperature is too high during the process, the original properties of nylon should be transformed. If the mold is opened relatively thin, it saves the cost, but the pulling force is completely unsatisfactory.

3. Change the hardness of nylon tie warps. We all know that nylon itself is solid. After we make it, it will naturally become very hard and easy to break. Therefore, we will use professional water injection and sealing equipment to inject water into the nylon tie to soften it. After softening, the nylon tie itself increases its toughness and is not easy to break. This allows us to use it in a variety of environments.

4. Packaging of nylon wire ties. In order to unify the nylon cable tie industry, we package the nylon wire ties in different quantities. Of course, some customers may need different packaging methods. We adopt a flexible method, whether it is the appearance of the packaging or the number of products. All can be packaged according to the customer's own wishes, and we also have many domestic and export packaging samples.

Ⅱ. Specifications and standards of nylon wire ties

nylon wire ties offered by nylon cable tie supplier are commonly used in our daily life. They are used less often and rarely care about specifications. When we use a large amount, in order to save costs, we will consider selecting the appropriate specifications. Short is not enough, long is waste. When buying nylon wire ties, how to distinguish the specifications and lengths of 3*100, 4*200, 5*300 that the manufacturer said. Generally, nylon wire ties manufacturers use mm as the unit. 3*100 is 3mm wide and 100mm long. You need to find a cable tie with a width of 1 cm and a length of 40 cm, which is equivalent to 10mm*400mm, which is also called 10*400. Since the specifications of each nylon cable tie manufacturer are different, and some have errors, if you use it yourself, you can contact the manufacturer and ask about the error to avoid unavailability.

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