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Solar Cable Ties

In the "transmission and distribution" of traditional coal energy power and emerging clean energy, sea and land wind power generation, photovoltaic solar energy and nuclear power industry, the safety and stability performance of cable ties should be among the first consideration. In addition, harsh environment is also a very important reference system. In the service with Danish investment, German investment, the United States and other international large enterprises, our cable ties are capable of withstanding high temperature, such as our cold cable ties, can meet the severe temperature conditions like minus 40℃-.

Advantages Of Hont Cable Ties Used In Energy Industry

Solar energy is usually generated in harsh environments, such as deserts. The mere fact that photovoltaic panels and their cable systems are exposed to intense UV radiation makes our solar cable ties so valuable. We use stainless steel to withstand high temperatures and constant light. Our quality stainless steel wire cable ties have good chemical resistance and can be installed quickly, which allows us to improve efficiency. With an open tie lead design, the harness can be quickly inserted and securely tied, improving efficiency during the installation phase of the solar power plant. This is a cable management solution that pays off both in the short term and in the long term.

How Do Cable Ties And Wiring Accessory Work In New Energy Industry?

The cable tie device comprises a head assembly and a cable tie. The head assembly of solar cable tie is configured to hold the first part of the cable tie in the head assembly and has the length of the cable tie extending from the head assembly. The head assembly is further adapted to hold the second part of the cable tie extending from the head assembly. The method of using the cable bundle tie device includes holding the first part of the cable tie in the head assembly, wrapping the cable tie around multiple objects and holding the second part of the cable tie in the head assembly.

Our cable tie system provides you with the ability to quickly and permanently imprint stainless steel plates. The machine is small enough to be used in an offshore environment. This kind of reliability can be applied to solar power plants very well. Since many other buildings age under the influence of light and have to be renovated, the wire products we offer you have excellent UV resistance. Our quality zip ties are developed specifically for solar power plants and successfully tested by THE Fraunhofer Institute for Solar Systems ISE. A key difference between our cable management solutions and those of our competitors is that we minimize maintenance costs. That's because we use a high standard of proven materials.

The solar industry is in a state of flux. International demand for energy is growing, and innovation is piling up. Feed-in tariff rules for solar power are changing, and special subsidy models are changing too. We always pay attention to the changing trend and keep pace with the times. As one of the cable tie wholesale suppliers in China, Hont Electrical will keep you up to date on successful battery storage systems and show you which cable management solutions actually make sense.

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