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About the Heat Shrinkable Tube and Its Application in Electronic Products

Heat shrinkable tube is a kind of protective sleeve commonly used in all walks of life now. It has the function of shortening when exposed to heat. Compared with electrical tape, it has a longer service life, lasting and stable performance, and has an anti-aging effect. This kind of material that is relatively simple to use is not so handy in application, and different problems will occur when we are wrapping products with it.

1. Problems related to heat shrinkable tubes

(1) What are the characteristics of heat shrinkable tubes? Compared with electrical tape and wire nuts, the heat shrinkable tube is a special tube made of polyolefin raw material. If it is a high quality product, it will begin to shorten at 125℃ when it is heated. It is soft and elastic, and the heat shrinkable tube can be made of polyolefin raw material and EVA material.

(2) What are the functions of heat shrinkable tubes? Heat shrinkable tubes are used in batteries, electronic components, electrical cables, wire harnesses, pipeline corrosion protection and other fields.

Through the use of professional heating tools, the heat shrinkable tube can be compressed and used for wrapping, which has the functions of insulation and protection.

(3) How to use the heat shrinkable tube correctly? First cover the heat shrinkable tube on the object to be wrapped, stop all components and devices, and after the screws are fastened, arrange the heat shrinkable tube neatly, put it in the proper position, and use the hot-air heater to heat-shrink the heat shrinkable tube to ensure it wraps the object tightly.

(4) What is the scope of use of heat shrinkable tubes? Heat shrinkable tubes are now widely used in insulation protection of various batteries, wire harnesses, inductance components, solder joints, and rust and corrosion protection of telescopic rods, metal pipes, and pipelines.

(5) What is the heating method of the heat shrinkable tube? Common heating equipment for heating heat shrink tubing is hair dryer, heat shrinkable tube machine or high temperature electric furnace.

2. The application of heat shrinkable tubes in electronic production

In electronic production and electronic and power products, it is very convenient and common to use commercially available heat shrinkable tubes and heat shrinkable tapes in the insulation and protection of various welding heads and insulation repair of damaged wires. The heat-shrinkable material is composed of radiant multi-linked high-molecular polymer, which shrinks after being heated to tightly wrap the wire joint to achieve the purpose of insulation, sealing and protection. The heat shrinkable tube has a hollow casing structure. When using, a heat shrinkable tube with a certain length, which is slightly thicker than the wire and the soldering lug must be covered on the wire first. After butt welding the wire end to the required soldering lug, component terminal, or other wire end, move the heat shrinkable tube to the weld head. The length of the heat shrinkable tube must completely enough to cover the wire and the exposed metal part of the welding terminal, and wrap the plastic sheath of the wire. Then heat the thermoplastic tube with a hair dryer, hot air gun or electric soldering iron to make it shrink and wrap the welding head tightly. The protection and insulation effect is much better than that of insulated rubber tape.

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