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Types of Electrical Tape & Spiral Wrapping Bands

Advantages Of Spiral Wrapping Bands

Spiral wrapping bands materials of varying synthetic polymers such as PTFE, polyethylene, and PVC, provide flexibility, performance, and mechanical properties designed to support diverse applications in any environment, including UV protection, flame, and corrosion resistance, and functionality in extreme cold or heat temperatures.     


Cable management must also provide a preventive organizational safety measure that protects people on worksites, employees, and visitors alike, from injury or damage from tripping, stumbling or becoming entangled in loose bundles of wires.

How to Use Spiral Wrapping Bands for Cable Management

Prepare Your Cables:

  1. Gather all the cables you want to manage.

  2. Straighten out any tangled cables and align them in the desired order.

Select the Right Size:

  1. Choose a spiral wrapping band that is large enough to accommodate the cable bundle comfortably. The band should be able to wrap around the cables without being too tight.

Start at One End:

  1. Begin at one end of the cable bundle.

  2. If your spiral wrap has a split design, open it up along the slit.

Wrap Around:

  1. Wrap the spiral wrapping band around the cable bundle in a spiral manner.

  2. Ensure that the band is not too tight, allowing flexibility for movement and adjustments.

Continue Wrapping:

  1. Continue wrapping the band along the length of the cable bundle.

  2. If your cables have branches, you can either separate them into smaller bundles or include them in the main bundle, depending on your preference.

Secure the End:

  1. Once you reach the end of the cable bundle, secure the spiral wrap by tucking it into itself or using a cable tie to hold it in place.

  2. Make sure the end is secure to prevent the spiral wrap from unraveling.

Adjust as Needed:

  1. After securing the spiral wrap, adjust the position of the cables within the wrap to ensure a neat and organized appearance.

  2. If necessary, use additional cable ties to secure specific sections of the bundle.

Cut Excess Material (if applicable):

  1. If your spiral wrap is longer than needed, use scissors or a utility knife to trim off the excess material.

Test Flexibility:

  1. Ensure that the cables can still move and bend as needed without being overly constrained by the spiral wrap.

Using spiral wrapping bands for cable management provides a tidy and organized solution, making it easier to identify and manage cables. Additionally, it helps prevent tangles and protects cables from wear and tear.

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