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Types of Electrical Tape & Spiral Wrapping Bands

Advantages Of Spiral Wrapping Bands

Spiral wrapping bands materials of varying synthetic polymers such as PTFE, polyethylene, and PVC, provide flexibility, performance, and mechanical properties designed to support diverse applications in any environment, including UV protection, flame, and corrosion resistance, and functionality in extreme cold or heat temperatures.     


Cable management must also provide a preventive organizational safety measure that protects people on worksites, employees, and visitors alike, from injury or damage from tripping, stumbling or becoming entangled in loose bundles of wires.

How to Use Spiral Wrapping Bands for Cable Management

Use spiral wrapping band is an efficient cable organize tool, first the cable or wire as one bundle. Second, use a clipper guide bundle with cable, and attach the spiral wrapping band to the guide. Third, pull out guide along with the cables, you will find the spiral wrapping band entangled with cable. 

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