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Using UL Certificated NYLON 66 from ASCEND AND INVISTA as materials, HONT PATENT CABLE TIES have the same performance as a standard self-locking cable tie. But by improving the head design, Hont Electrical Cable Tie HTA series has better tensile in width dimension, the improvement is about 25%, which can replace the bigger tension in the application, giving buyers different choices and higher cost performance. Now, Hont cable ties are already sold to more than 140 countries, and in some markets, these China cable ties from Hont Electrical Co., Ltd. differnet from China cable clamp already take a major share and have a very reputation worldwide.
  • R&D Capacity of Hont Cable Ties

    Hont Electrical Co., Ltd. invests funds every year for China cable ties research. The funds are mainly used for product development and related certification like UL, CE, ROHS, REACH, factory ISO9001 system certification. BSCI membership are already acquired by us. Also, we can accept BSCI inspection.

  • Product Range of Hont Cable Ties

    As one of the leading cable tie wholesale suppliers in China, Hont specializes in the research and development of cable ties and is dedicated to providing different conditions of our bulk cable ties wholesale: standard cable ties (nylon), tension-enhanced cable ties, weather-resistant cable ties, UV-resistant cable ties, heat-resistant cable ties, low temperature-resistant cable ties, metal detective cable ties (food industry), degradable PE cable ties, POM cable ties.

  • Quality Control of Hont Cable Ties

    A good cable tie company should have a good supply chain to provide international standard quality products. With the deepening demand of Today's international buyers, Hont Electrical Co., Ltd. constantly improves our cable tie&wire quality, production processes, quality management and other aspects, to offer better quality products for international needs.

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Hont Cable Tie Profile

Hont Electrical Co. , Ltd. was founded in 1997, is mainly responsible for the production and sale of nylon tie and other cable accessories products, our factory area covers 45,000 square meters, annual exports of more than 30 million U.S. dollars, Hont cable ties are now sold to 140 countries and regions, and have already cooperated with EU NA SA country's main cable tie dealers and cooperation time lasts more than 10 years.

Hont is a professional cable tie manufacturer with 30 years of production experience.

Hont Cable Ties makes the grade with quality.
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