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Electrical Cable Gland Types And Sizes

Consider cable gland in China, the buyer needs to know the cable AWG and which apply to cable gland datasheet. There are different types of cable gland,but  generally PG and M type for different international tech standard. PG is Germany standard most accept in EU. M is a common standard under EN60432.                      

eg, pg 11 gland, PG represent Germany standard,11 represent code of inside diameter transfer as 18.6mm, also the max cable diameter 5-10mm.M24,24 directly represent insider diameter as 24mm, max cable diameter 10-12mm.     


If detail specifications, like m32 cable gland(18-25) and M32(13-20), all share 32mm inside diameter, but one can apply cable diameter 18-25mm, other is 13-20mm which also size is much smaller.

Cable Gland Function

Cable Gland Function

Different types of  cable glands are all considered as  seal tools to install the cable into the outdoor electric box, and another electric device. Engineer open hole in the electric box to attach cable, but the hole left open may bring in the water or dusty and damage the electrical appliances, electrical stuffing glands can depart as two gland body and lock nut, install from the inside and outside of the hole, seal the hole in the meantime protect the cable from edge cut. Another tech standard is cable gland should be IP68 level in GB 4208-2008/IEC 60529-2001, inside seal ring and sealing nut as components of the seal system, keep the dusty and water.

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