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Stainless Steel Cable Tie Market in the New Era of Pandemics

We have seen many useful and convenient tools in our work and daily life. Stainless steel cable ties are one of them. In the bundling of transformers, we use stainless steel cable ties, also known as iron core cable ties. In addition, stainless steel cable ties are widely used in the power system industry, automotive industry, pipeline industry, cables, etc.

What is a stainless steel cable tie?

A stainless steel cable tie is a type of tie made of stainless steel material. Cable ties are also known as bundling straps. Stainless steel cable ties come in various types. For example, there is a special type called iron core cable tie that is specifically used for bundling transformers (it needs to be tightly bundled and able to withstand high temperatures). There is also a self-locking cable tie used for bundling cables (it needs to have corrosion resistance in natural or harsh environments and ensure clear and convenient bundling of the lines in case of line failure so that professional engineers can investigate).

The market for stainless steel cable ties during the pandemic

The increasing demand for stainless steel cable ties in the market has led to rapid development in the industry. Various types of stainless steel cable ties and tools have emerged. The introduction of stainless steel cable ties has replaced previous methods such as wires and nets that were used when there were no professional tools. Its special technological process makes stainless steel cable ties more convenient and safe compared to traditional wires.

Various professional bundling products such as stainless steel cable ties have always been popular in the market and their development has been unaffected by the pandemic. In addition, with the natural gas strategy between Russia and Europe, stainless steel cable ties have become even more sought-after in the era of the pandemic. Stainless steel cable ties are generally made of 304 stainless steel (customizable according to customer requirements) and have the characteristics of high strength, stable bundling, corrosion resistance, and safety. The specifications range from 127 to 180mm in width (customizable length) and 0.25 to 0.78mm in thickness. Stainless steel cable ties can be used for applications ranging from iron cores to natural gas pipelines.

Stainless steel cable ties are mainly made from 304 stainless steel, and have the characteristics of high strength, lightweight, rust resistance, corrosion resistance, and reliability. They are mainly used for specific bundling applications (such as lithium battery bundling, fiber optic bundling, natural gas pipeline bundling, iron core bundling).

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