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How to Judge the Quality of Nylon Wire Straps?

With the development of economy, the advanced application scope of socialized mass production is getting wider and wider, covering almost all application fields. As a result, several manufacturers of nylon wire straps have also increased year by year, but the technology and quality are very different, and the entire consumer goods market is full of good and bad. As a nylon cable tie user, you also need to have basic selection reference knowledge, so that you can buy the most cost-effective nylon cable tie products that best meet your needs.

1. Appearance quality of nylon wire straps

Common plastic products made by nylon cable tie supplier have defects such as defects, lack of materials, scorching, silver wires, bubbles, deformation, shrinkage, etc. These are also more prone to nylon ties, so you have to pay attention to double-check their appearance. Although some do not affect the use, they will still induce the potential threat of quality accidents.

It is worth noting that the key part of the plastic zipper label is the quality of the toothed belt part and the tooth cavity of the head, which is very important. Therefore, the toothed belt part should be carefully observed to avoid residual teeth. Otherwise, there will be a large number of unusable sliding teeth, which are difficult to intersperse, which is almost equal to waste and cannot be used. These issues must be taken seriously. Just like a simple necking phenomenon, if the necking is too large, the tooth surface of the belt part and the tooth cavity of the head will not fit together after insertion, and it is easy to loosen the sliding teeth.

The general rule is that all products are the best, except for special and necessary requirements and natural products. A good releasable nylon cable tie should be translucent, even if the color is slightly yellow, it should not be a big problem, and it should not be cloudy and black. The quality of the materials used is also an important point related to quality. The molecular structure of plastics changes after multiple high-temperature melting and screw shearing. The cable's excellent abrasion and tensile properties allow this product to be used in a wide range of applications.

2. The performance quality of nylon wire straps

The most important evaluation focus of nylon wire straps is its tripping force. When a certain strength is applied, whether it is a broken belt, an inverted tooth, or a broken end, the breaking method must be above the nominal value of the tensile force. For some users, the poor quality of the cable ties also has a certain relationship with the selected specifications. Because the product standard value of a specification is limited. When the force required in the use state exceeds the standard, if it is too large, there is no guarantee, you can only choose to replace the product with higher tensile strength, of course, the cost will rise. High-quality cable ties are flexible and stretchable when stretched. They won't have straight broken sections and won't become brittle. In this way, the scope of application of the user's pulling force requirements can be met to a greater extent, thereby achieving the possibility of reducing costs.

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