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How to Improve the Toughness of Cable Tie Nylon?

Cable ties nylon, as the name suggests, are cables used to tie things. Cable tie nylon is divided into: self-locking cable tie nylon, label cable tie nylon, flexible cable tie nylon, etc.

1. In what ways can cable ties nylon provide toughness?

Toughening agents used for nylon toughening can be roughly divided into four categories: rubber elastomers, thermoplastic elastomers, rigid organic copolymers and inorganic rigid fillers. But not all elastomers are suitable for toughening nylon. Nylon is a polar crystalline polymer. In general, polar elastomers are more suitable for nylon. Of course, it is also a feasible method to introduce polar groups into macromolecular chains of non-polar elastomers by graft copolymerization.

Improve the nylon toughness of cable ties for post-processing: (1) It can be humidified in the air, but the time is too long, at least 3 to 7 days. In winter, the air humidity is low, and it is difficult for reusable metal cable ties nylon to absorb enough moisture; (2) Generally, it needs to be boiled or steamed, which can improve the toughness of the material; (3) The color of the colored cable ties will change after boiling, and there will be water stains and white spots on the surface of the cable ties; (4) The humidified steam control circulation system can control the water spots and white spots, and the control is accurate; in addition, you can also start from the raw materials and select a suitable toughening agent to toughen the raw materials, or choose nylon raw materials with better toughness.

2. What kind of nylon cable tie is suitable for power cord bundling?

Nylon cable ties are not unfamiliar to everyone, but do you know what kind of cable tie nylon is suitable for power cables? It is a detachable nylon cable zip tie. There are many types of nylon cable ties, and there are differences in their uses. They work best when used in a targeted manner. As for tying some power cords, detachable cable ties nylon are great.

The biggest advantage of releasable nylon zippers is that they can be tightened and loosened. It will be used for more industrial production. Because it can be loosened and has strong recycling properties. The main feature of detachable cable tie nylon is its strong fire resistance, which can reach a high fire resistance level and is not easy to age. So it will also be used to bind or fasten to many power sources.

The details of nylon cable ties are as follows: 1. Features: It can be used loosely and repeatedly. 2. Material: UL-certified nylon 66 material, fire rating 94V-2, acid resistance, corrosion resistance, good insulation, not easy to age, and strong endurance. 3. Working temperature: -35℃ to 85℃. 4. Color: The standard color is natural color (white), black anti-ultraviolet.

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