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What to Consider When Using Stainless Steel Cable Ties to Bundle Cables?

Stainless steel cable ties are often used to bundle batteries, cables, pipes and other items with various industrial shapes. To achieve better and more reliable bundling effects, professional strapping machines are required. However, there are still some precautions when using stainless steel cable ties for bundling.

Precautions for bundling cables with stainless steel cable ties

The stainless steel cable ties should be secure when bundling cables. When bundling cables with stainless steel cable ties, it is necessary to securely bind the cables with stainless steel cable ties, and use the same method to bundle them at regular intervals until the entire cable is bundled. If manual bundling is used, it may be difficult to ensure that every tie is secure. It is therefore recommended to use a dedicated strapping machine for bundling.

The cables should be neat when using stainless steel ties. Choose the specifications of stainless steel cable ties according to the cables you need to bundle. When bundling two or more cables together, pay attention to the neat arrangement of the cables. Avoid messy arrangement and maintain a neat arrangement of the cables to ensure the subsequent use of the cables and facilitate future work greatly.

Bundle the cables in multiple layers separately. When using stainless steel cable ties to bundle cables in multiple layers, each layer of cables must be bundled separately, and a layer of buffer material must be placed between the stainless steel cable tie and the cable during bundling. At the same time, the tension needs to be controlled by a machine. Sufficient clearance should be left for the cables to avoid damage, while ensuring that the cables are tightly bundled.

Applications of stainless steel cable ties in urban management

  • Stainless steel cable ties are mainly used on signal signs in urban management.

  • Stainless steel cable ties are not affected by the size and shape of the objects being bundled.

  • Signal signs are often exposed to wind and sun outdoors, so the bundling ties need to have strong corrosion resistance. At the same time, the aesthetic appearance of urban management needs to be ensured, and stainless steel cable ties perfectly meet this requirement.

  • Simple structure and stable bundling characteristics. Can effectively reduce the cost of urban management.

The role of stainless steel cable ties in pipeline applications

  • Stainless steel cable ties can be customized according to the size of the pipeline.

  • Unique fastening design. Allows the pipeline to have better sealing.

  • Efficient use of stainless steel cable tie tools. Ensures tight bundling and better stability.

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