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Precautions for Using Nylon Ties

Nylon tie is very widely used, and whether in industry or in daily life has its figure. However, under normal circumstances, the use of nylon tie in daily life is not high for its requirements, and some of its precautions are little paid attention to. Nylon tie in industrial use is more for the requirements. The use of nylon tie still needs to pay attention to some problems.

Ⅰ. About nylon ties

Nylon tie is a ribbon with nylon material. Tie strap is also known as bundle belt, lock belt, tie wire belt. According to the material division, there are nylon tie, stainless steel tie strap, plastic spraying stainless steel tie strap. There are many kinds of nylon ties, according to different functions, for example, wiring equipment industry is divided into self-locking cable ties, snap cable ties, fixed head cable ties, label cable ties, aircraft cable ties, pearl-hole cable ties, fishbone cable ties, weather-resistant cable ties, etc.

Ⅱ. Precautions for using nylon ties

1. Nylon tie preservation environment. The most ideal is to maintain at about 23℃, and the humidity of the best control is at about 50%. This is the need for more attention.

2. When operating the nylon tie, using the tension, which cannot exceed the tension of the nylon tie belt, otherwise there will be fracture.

3. When using nylon tie, the ring diameter of the bound object should be smaller than the ring diameter of the nylon tie, and the remaining length of the belt body should be 5 to 8mm after tying. Nylon ties maintain excellent mechanical properties and thermal aging resistance over a wide temperature range (-40 to 120℃).

4. Nylon ties use environment. Nylon ties in wet environment can maintain excellent mechanical properties. Nylon with hygroscopicity have higher elongation and impact strength when humidity (water content) increase, but the tensile strength and rigidity are gradually reduced. Note that when using, do not put the ribbon under the sun, otherwise it is easy to cause a great impact on the performance of the product. If the working environment needs to be in the sun for a long time, then it is recommended to choose the best weatherproof ribbon products, for example,   weatherproof cable ties, and is away from the heat source.

5. Nylon tie with good insulation, electrical rated temperature is less than 105 degrees and does not affect its performance. Flame retardant is to UL determination 94V-2 level.

When using nylon tie products, although there are few places to pay attention to, the place needed to pay attention to can not be ignored, otherwise, it is easy to make nylon machine belt problems. We should remind the majority of friends in the use of nylon tie to remember not to exceed the nylon tie tension.

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