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What Are the Benefits and Methods of Using Cable Tie Tool Gun?

Introduction of cable plastic ties

Cable plastic ties are fasteners used to bundle cables and wires together to prevent them from being damaged and better organized. Cable plastic ties come in many different colors, lengths, materials, and sizes and are generally considered to be the most effective way to manage cables. Cable plastic ties are used in various industries including aerospace, automotive, equipment manufacturing, consumer electronics, appliances and cabinets, and construction and mining.

Although the installation of cable plastic ties may seem like a simple process for the plastic cable ties factory at first, using only hands to complete the job can cause too much pressure on the cables being bundled together, as well as unnecessary wear and tear on your own hands. The good news is that there are many methods to install plastic label ties using tools rather than just your hands, with the most prominent being with a cable plastic tie tool gun.

Benefits of using a cable tie tool gun

By using a cable tie tool gun, operators can prevent the zip tie from being too tight, which may not seem particularly dangerous, but can lead to damage of the cable sheath, thus inhibiting proper signal transmission for cable types. Using a calbe tie tool gun also has physical benefits for the operator, not only ensuring fast completion of tasks but also protecting their hands and wrists from repetitive motion injuries or blisters. Cable plastic tie tool guns can efficiently tie, tension, tighten and trim cable plastic zip ties, saving time and money. There are various types and prices of cable plastic tie tool guns, including more professional tools for stainless steel cable plastic ties and heavy HVAC wrapping.

How to use a cable tie tool gun?

Most cable plastic tie tool guns are designed to be easy to use and can be adjusted to match specific applications. The zip tie should be wrapped around the bundle, then tightened by hand, and the tool should be installed on the head of the cable plastic zip tie gun and the trigger squeezed to increase tension. The tension knob should be set to the correct position according to the width of the cut zip tie, tighten the zip tie until the preset tension is reached, and then cut it. Cable plastic tie tool guns help make the process of bundling cables together efficient, fast, and easy.

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