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Influence of Use Time, Temperature and Humidity on Nylon Wire Ties

Ⅰ. How long can the nylon wire ties be used?

A decade or so is the service life of nylon wire ties under normal external environment. However, depending on the service environment, it will have a greater impact on the service life of the nylon wire ties. The special operating environment can be roughly divided into two types: high temperature working environment and low temperature working environment.

The main function of the nylon wire ties is to tighten and assist in tightening. When the machine is turned on, the temperature of its muscle and bone part will be about 30°C higher than the ambient temperature. In this case, it is necessary to carefully select suitable nylon wire ties with appropriate specifications. What' s more, buy nylon wire ties from nylon cable tie manufacturer with better quality. Even in this case, the service life of nylon wire ties is shortened by 50% to 70%, that is, shortened to 3 to 5 years. In addition, when the nylon wire ties are operated in a low temperature working environment, the intermolecular tension transfer is hindered due to the slowing-down molecular activity. And it is also easy to cause the brittleness of the nylon wire ties, that is, "sudden death". Specific service life can be very difficult to assess due to product quality, product specifications and specific temperatures.

In summary, the external environment has a great influence on the life of nylon wire ties. The best way is to choose cable ties with good quality and suitable specifications.

Ⅱ. The influence of temperature and humidity in the place where nylon wire ties are used

1. Nylon wire ties are hygroscopic. Do not open the package before use. After opening the package in a humid environment, try to use it up within 12 hours or repackage the unused nylon wire ties, so as not to affect tensile strength and rigidity of the nylon wire ties during the next operation.

2. When operating, use the tension force, which cannot exceed the tensile strength (pull force) of the nylon wire ties itself.

3. The circle diameter of the object to be bundled should be smaller than the circle diameter of the nylon wire ties, and the remaining length of the belt body after tying up should be 80MM. Nylon wire ties can maintain excellent mechanical properties and thermal aging resistance over a wide temperature range (-40°C to 120°C).

4. Nylon wire ties can maintain excellent mechanical properties in humid environment. Nylon wire ties are hygroscopic. As the humidity (water content) increases, the elongation and impact strength are higher, but the tensile strength and rigidity gradually decrease.

5. Nylon wire ties have good insulation. When the electrical rated temperature is less than 105 ℃, its performance will not be affected. Its flame retardancy can reach 94V-2 level of the UL test.

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