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How to Check the Quality of Nylon Cable Tie

Nowadays, as nylon cable ties can be applied more and more widely, many products of different brands have appeared in the cable ties market. But for different products, they also have different characteristics. Users also need to pay attention to its quality inspection when choosing, to see if it meets the qualified requirements, then how to judge the quality.

1. Observation of the appearance of nylon cable ties

Users can judge the quality of plastic cable ties by observing their appearance. For example, you can observe whether there are defects on the surface, lack of material, scorching, or bubbles. If there is any of the problems, it is better for users not to choose.

2. Material selection of nylon cable ties

When selecting wire ties, the application should be considered first, mainly due to factors such as temperature and light. General bulk cable ties wholesale companies use nylon as the raw material for wire ties, which has the characteristics of a large applicable temperature range and corrosion resistance. Nylon cable ties have the characteristics of fast binding, good insulation, self-locking, and easy use, and different ingredients are added in the production process to make the product suitable for different occasions. In places where the temperature of the car is not high, such as inside the car, we can choose the general cable tie of -40-85℃. However, in the engine compartment, there is a certain temperature requirement for the cable tie of the wire harness. Generally, we, as one of the most professional cable tie wholesale suppliers, choose the cable tie of -40-105℃. At this time, we need to add heat-resistant materials.

3. The lowest nylon cable tie strength

The lowest tensile strength is the key to choosing the right types of zip ties, because it reflects the maximum load that the tie can bear. Testing with tools is not as simple as it seems. It is very important to comply with standard testing procedures and maintain consistent testing conditions. For example, the size, cross-sectional area, and water content of the cable tie. If different cable ties and/or different test conditions are used, it is easy to produce two different test results.

4. The performance and quality of nylon cable ties

It can be judged by the performance and quality, to see how the tripping force of the cable tie has, and users also need to pay attention to the selection of specifications when choosing this cable tie.

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